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Would you like to become an Apprentice with West Lancashire College?

Our Apprenticeship team has lots of experience and can offer a range of support to help you secure an Apprenticeship opportunity including, career matching using Careers Coach, a vacancy matching service, CV and application support service, plus interview techniques.


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What if I already have a job?

Did you know that Apprenticeship training is for existing employees and is not restricted to new hires? Apprenticeships are open to employees of all ages, as long as they are employed for 30 hours or more per week.

The Apprenticeship training that West Lancashire College offer lasts between 1 to 4 years (depending on the standard), with employees being employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week. The individual and organisation must commit to off the job training which usually consists of one day per week. 

We offer a range of Apprenticeship Standards that have been created by leading employers so that you can be certain that the training will meet and exceed professional industry standards. 

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As An Apprentice, You Will

As a West Lancashire College Apprentice, you will...

  • Learn on the job, building up your knowledge, skill set and earn money at the same time

  • Receive a salary, paid holidays and opportunities to progress in your career

  • Be visited regularly in the workplace by one of our experienced trainers and assessors

  • Attend college for off-the-job training: 4 days working on the job and 1 day release in college, which is paid for by your employer

  • Improve your Maths and English skills if needed

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Frequently asked questions

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Learn more about CITB

CITB registered companies enrolling on Carpentry and Joinery, or Brickwork apprenticeships can access further support in the form of apprenticeship grants. There are two available grants for apprenticeships, these are:

Attendance grant: £2500 for each year your apprentice is in training, this is paid in instalments every 13 weeks.

Achievement grant: £3500 on successful completion of the apprenticeship.

CITB have also recognised that the recruitment and enrolment process can be difficult to navigate for smaller companies and this has led to the introduction of further support. There is now have a dedicated new entrant employer support advisor, who can help you through the whole process, including: -

  • Help with setting up an Apprenticeship Account and support to access apprenticeship funding
  • Support to register with CITB and applications for the apprenticeship grants
  • Support with advertising and recruiting an apprentice
  • Mentoring Training on request
  • Staying connected to make sure they have the support they need to help an apprentice


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