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Web Design and Development Professionals

Jobholders in this unit group design, develop and maintain websites to meet a client’s specified requirements.


Median Salary

New workers start around £17,543. Normal pay is £31,152 per year. Highly experienced workers can earn up to £52,187.

Daily Tasks

  • Activates the 'live' website.
  • Tests website interaction and performance prior to going 'live'.
  • Writes and publishes content for the website.
  • Establishes methods to ensure appropriate website security and recovery.
  • Designs and develops web interfaces for relational database systems.
  • Develops the website and applications.
  • Designs web pages including graphics, animation and functionality to maximise visual effectiveness and facilitate appropriate access.
  • Presents design options to the client.
  • Liaises with internal/external client in order to define the requirements for the website.

Skills employers are asking for

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Active Learning
  • Active Listening
  • Critical Thinking
  • Writing
  • Monitoring
  • Learning Strategies
  • Speaking
  • Mathematics
  • Science