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How to ask your Employer for Training Funding

Your employer may not know this, but they will get some great benefits from allowing you to take part in training to boost your skills.

We've listed some of them below, as well as detailing how they can apply, just in case you need some facts to get them on board.

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Now more than ever it’s important to have staff with the right skills and knowledge to take your business into the future. Our team can help you find the right courses for your team, ensuring the training they receive reflects your business needs.

From part-time short courses to full-time degrees and apprenticeships, free adult courses and flexible online learning, we have hundreds of courses to choose from. We can help you and your employees understand the available funding too.


Did you know you can send a current employee on an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship training is available to all ages, and can be used to fill key skill gaps in your business, boost employee motivation, and improve staff retention.

For example, an experienced employee may be keen to gain a qualification in their specialist area or perhaps someone has the aptitude and drive to learn something new and progress into a different role.

Apprenticeships are development opportunities that require commitment from both the individual doing the Apprenticeship and their organisation:

  • Apprenticeship training lasts at least 1 year and employees must be employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • The individual and the business must commit to 20% off the job training for their development, this is usually attending college 1 day per week
  • The role must support the Apprenticeship Standard. For example, if training as a Business Administration Apprentice, the employee’s role must include administrative services, in job roles such as Office Administrator, Receptionist, Administration Assistant, Personal Assistant etc


It doesn't have to cost you the earth

If your employee is aged 19 or over:

  • and you employ under 50 people, the cost of the training is as little as £150 per staff member
  • and you are a large business, you may be able to use your 'Levy pot' to pay for the cost of the training.


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