Students from Health, Education & Science attended a workshop by BRAVE (Building Resilience Against Violence & Extremism with St Giles Trust) who gave a fantastic insight and awareness into signs of how people are groomed into gangs through vulnerabilities.

Students were made aware of the grooming line, with real life stories of how this happens in society. Kieran from Brave interacted with the students fantastically and made them aware of the consequences he faced from the age of 11 by being involved in a gang. He also discussed impacts on his life to this day and how those decisions he made 15 years ago, he is still answering for them now in relation to work opportunities and his personal life.

Students were able to identify from the presentation how they should question everything through social media use and not being misled into believing everything they see on social media is real and, in some cases, how this is used to draw people into gangs and extremist groups. The session was also tailored to how young girls can be groomed in relationships, through identifying signs of this and the fact they can be groomed into difficult situations without even knowing that what they are doing is a criminal offence.

Thank you to BRAVE for delivering such an insightful and informative session.