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Read about the experiences that our students embark on whilst studying at West Lancashire College.


students at West Lancashire College

Charlie, Business Student


Business Student

I joined West Lancashire College as it was my local college and offered the course I wanted. The course is great and my teachers work continuously hard to help me achieve the results I desire. The Business BTEC has given me many transferable skills and on completion of my course, I hope to go to Edge Hill University to study a Bachelor Honours in Film Studies.

Dan, Sports Student


Sports Student

I chose to study at West Lancashire College as it had a course that suited me and my passion perfectly, even the personal training aspects of the course have been transferable to my coaching skills.

Fay, Engineering Student


Engineering Student

Within my course, we cover many core units and in particular, Mathematics for Engineering Technicians is a personal favourite of mine. My career ambition is to become an architect, in which the Engineering course is preparing me for my next steps into Civil Engineering degrees and applying for universities.

Lewis, Computer Science Student


Computer Science Student

I’m currently in my 2nd year, studying Level 3 Computer Science with one of my favourite aspects being how well the tutors treat the students and allow everyone to feel included. Within my course, I thoroughly enjoy using the software, coding units as well as how the course can progress me towards university and future jobs. In regard to universities, I have applied for Edge Hill, John Moores and UCLAN, who have all offered me a place. I would recommend West Lancashire College to any high school student who is already thinking about their future. The facilities within the IT department are exceptional, in comparison to other educational systems and as a former student at another college, I have seen the difference. West Lancashire College is extremely supportive within a friendly and safe environment. I would highly recommend to all.

Helen, Online Student


Online Student

In late December 2022, I completed the online Level 2 certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Advocacy in the Workplace. The course was incredibly informative and easy to navigate and the tutor was always available quickly to answer any queries I had. Once each unit was submitted, marking and feedback was provided quickly and I was given plenty of useable information on how to improve moving forward, as well as some potential further reading. My experience was incredibly positive and my journey was made as easy as possible by all of the staff. So much so, that I have continued onto another online course and have every intention of continuing my studies with West Lancashire College. I can quite honestly say that this has been one of the best educational experiences I have had.

Amanda, Online Student


Online Student

I work for Lancashire County Council as a Community Project Officer; my role is to listen to Lancashire residents and support communities to Grow Social Capital. I am also the thematic lead for mental health. I wanted to make sure I was able to fulfil this role effectively so I found some courses that I might find useful. They were free and online so I enrolled. The process was easy and the workbooks easy to follow in bite sized chunks. I was assigned a tutor who gave me feedback and reminded me when I was getting a bit behind. I was a little hesitant about the course being online but sometimes a full day is too much and I think I learnt more this way. I'd recommend West Lancashire College to anyone considering this pathway.


Online Student

I undertook the Understanding Autism course, which was very informative, but it also allowed me to think about how I'm able to improve situations for those with autism. I am grateful for the help that I received during the course as due to my visual impairment, I required longer to complete the materials and assignments. The course was flexible and I could complete the work in my own time, with adjusted deadlines.

Helen J, Online Student


Online Student

I have completed two online courses at West Lancashire College, the first one was Mental Health First and the second was Counselling. The process of registering Mental Health First Aid started when I saw the course advertised on Free Courses Online. After initial contact with Free Courses Online had been made they wanted to know why I was interested in the course and then gave my information to West Lancashire College. The team contacted me and gave me information on what to expect in the course and the time frame it would cover, contact details for the tutor and the date the course would start. The course tutor for Mental Health First Aid was very helpful. I supported myself very well and was very understanding of my dyslexic needs. Before the submission date for the unit due in date, I would send my completed work to my tutor for her to look at to see if it meets the criteria for the unit. West Lancashire College have been very understanding with my Dyslexic needs and I would recommend their courses to anyone. The course tutor for Counselling contacted me before the course started to explain what the college expected of me. Each time a unit was due in, I would get constructive feedback on what needed improving before handing the unit in. My course tutor for Counselling was particularly supportive when I needed to ask for an extra extension and felt very supported. Completing both Counselling and Mental Health First Aid courses has made me look at different career opportunities.

Sophie, Beauty Therapy


Beauty Therapy Student

I chose to study Beauty Therapy because I really enjoy the topics that the course offers. The practical elements of the course are what I really enjoy the most, as I can see where to improve my skills. The support that I receive from my tutor’s is great. In the future, I would like to work in a salon.

Dylan, Bricklaying Student


Bricklaying Student

I chose the Bricklaying course at West Lancashire College as it will help me in aiming towards an Apprenticeship in the industry. It is a fantastic hands-on, practical course which I am really enjoying. Alan has been a fantastic tutor throughout my time here and I am very grateful for his dedication to seeing students thrive.

Owen, Bricklaying Student


Bricklaying Student

I am due to complete my Level 2 course in Bricklaying, where I’ve successfully completed my practical units in line with the construction standards, as well as completing my Health and Safety and Principles of Building City & Guilds online exams in which I earned a distinction grade. The support at West Lancashire College has been amazing; my tutor Alan is always there to support me and my classmates with all elements of the course. I am hoping to find an Apprenticeship or progress onto the Level 3 Bricklaying course.

Jess, Business Student


Business Student

The Business course has been great for my future career aspirations as it has given me the UCAS points I need to be offered a place at Edge Hill University. My tutors Catherine and Ruth have been so supportive throughout my course and I am looking forward to taking my next step to university with my ultimate goal to become a Film Producer.

Angelo, Computer Science Student


Computer Science Student

I’m enjoying studying Computer Science to get qualifications so that I can be accepted into a course focused on artificial intelligence at University. Artificial intelligence will shape how our society develops and how people will live their lives in the future, so having a job relating to the field will be very beneficial and is my end goal.

Kian, Computer Science Student


Computer Science Student

My future ambitions will be linked to the course I am studying now; I want to establish myself within the fields of cybersecurity or artificial intelligence This will be possible by gaining experience in these fields through an apprenticeship at a university or by choosing a course that links both of these subjects together.

Alex, Electrical Student


Electrical Student

I’ve been a student at West Lancashire College since September, not knowing or understanding a concept or formula before starting the course but with the help of my tutors, I’ve worked hard to ensure I learn as much as possible. This summer, I will be embarking on a working holiday in Florida, with two electrical companies and the possibility of a full-time position.

Michael, Electrical Student


Electrical Student

As an Electrical student, I’ve progressed from Level 2 to Level 3, with my knowledge and understanding of the course consistently growing. I pride myself on having a great attention to detail, a deep understanding of electrical science principles and I am aiming to gain an electrical mechanical apprenticeship at Jaguar Land Rover.

Grace, Engineering Student


Engineering Student

I chose to study Engineering, as my family are very passionate about the subject and I really enjoyed learning about the topic in high school, so I wanted to continue studying whilst at West Lancs. My favourite part is the workshop, where we create a variety of projects including a Plunbob. My next steps are an Apprenticeship with an Engineering company in Wigan and once I have completed that, I would like to aim towards being a project leader or a manager.

Natascha, Hairdressing Student


Hairdressing Student

I am currently studying the Level 2 Hairdressing course at West Lancashire College, where I am really enjoying learning new skills that I never thought I would have. Both of my tutors, Emma and Alison, have supported me throughout and they have shown me how to conquer my fears and my ‘I can’t do it’ frame of mind. I was selected to take part in a Creative Hair Team within my course and since being in that team, my skills have improved more and more. I am excited to see what my future in the Hairdressing industry looks like.

Maisie, Hairdressing Student


Hairdressing Student

I chose to study on the Level 2 Hairdressing course as you are able to be creative, whilst you learn. My tutors are very supportive and have helped to me progress, as well as gain confidence in all aspects of the course. At the start of the year, I was selected to be part of the Creative Hair Team and because of that, I’ve seen a big improvement in myself and the hairdressing skills that I have. In the future, after completing Level 3, I would like to work in a salon and eventually have my own business.

Aaron, Motor Vehicle Student


Motor Vehicle Student

As a Motor Vehicle student, I have been really enjoying the practical side of the course as its very hands on and we learn a lot from being able to work on cars. My ambition is to own my own car garage.

Oscar, Motor Vehicle Student


Motor Vehicle Student

I chose to study Motor Vehicle, as I’ve had a long interest in cars since being a child. I have found that the subject has taught me more than I ever imagined, the tutors are superb and they really help you to be the best that you can be. My dream career would to be a master tech for Mercedes!

Mollie, Plumbing Student


Plumbing Student

I am currently studying the Level 2 Plumbing course at West Lancashire College and I chose this as I wanted to be different, to take my career in a direction that nobody else would choose for me. I have applied to be an Apprentice with the college in the near future, which I am really looking forward to. Amanda Maddocks has been fantastic with helping me to apply and has offered a lot of advice for the future.

Diana, Public Services Student


Public Services Student

West Lancashire College has provided me with a stable foundation, as it does for all of its students, enabling them to venture into any career or field of study that they wish to pursue.

Rebeca, Public Services Student


Public Services Student

I decided to attend West Lancashire College as I had heard from a friend that it’s a good college. As I’ve always wanted to join the police force, I decided to choose Public Services, which has helped me to gain skills, knowledge and the correct behaviour into pursing my future career. The Army training and navigation walks that have been organised for the course have really helped me to understand that this is the right path for me. My next steps are attending John Moores University to study Professional Policing.

Mia, Sports Student


Sports Student

Choosing the Sports Level 3 course was easy for me as I aspire to have a career in Personal Training to involve more females in the fitness industry and to highlight that having muscles is normal. My fellow students on my course are great and I love learning about the course. The teachers are very helpful.

Adam, Sports Student


Sports Student

I chose to study the Sports, Fitness and Personal Training course as I love Sports and have a strong passion of practicing outside of college. My favourite aspect has been the practical element in the gym that college has provided students with.

Caitln, Sports Student


Sports Student

I have wanted to pursue my passion of becoming a Sports Therapist and the Level 3 course has supported me with that. I’ve enjoyed meeting fellow Sports students and the experience that WLC has given me.

Daniel, Sports Student


Sports Student

My passion for Sports was the reason why I chose to study at WLC. My favourite aspect in college is delivering Sports sessions to the Inclusive Learners as part of my continuous personal development. I also like learning about different training methods for different types of Sports.

James, Sports Student


Sports Student

Going to Pete’s gym in Skelmersdale, conducting work experience at Gym Works and the practical side of the course have been the most enjoyable elements for me. I chose the Sports, Fitness and Personal Training Level 3 course as I have a great interest in Sports.

Reece, Sports Student


Sports Student

I was always passionate about Sport and I have enjoyed training other people and seeing them progress. Meeting new people and the teachers, as they have improved my confidence and overall skillset.

Tony, Sports Student


Sports Student

Choosing to study Sports at WLC was an easy choice for me as I enjoy participating in Sports. The tutors are great, the studying environment is calm and the lesson content is really interesting.

Caleb, Information Computing and Technology Level 2


Information Computing and Technology Level 2

I chose the course because I’m interested in computing and how computers work, as well as playing games. I have enjoyed learning about how to make a website and HTML. The trip to Arcains in early 2023 was great.

Jess, Early Years Education Student


Early Years Education Student

I chose West Lancashire College because it offered the course I wanted to take and is my local college. I have gained so much work experience on my programme and I am currently on placement at St Richard’s Primary School which I love. My tutors are beyond amazing and have been so supportive. After I complete my course, I want to go on to study a BA in Primary Education with QTS.

Nouhan, Art And Design Student


Art and Design Student

Studying Art at West Lancashire College has helped me to generate ideas and express myself through my artwork. I am now studying a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design at UCLan. I would thoroughly recommend the course to someone who would like to follow a similar path.

Jess, Art And Design Student


Art and Design Student

I was originally studying for three A Levels at another college before realising that I’d be happier concentrating on my Art education and moving here. So far it's been great, getting to know my classmates has helped me in developing my own personal skills as well as my artistic skills. What I like about the Art department is how there's different rooms and equipment for different kinds of art, it's just a nice little community. The whole college experience feels very mature, you have so much more independence here, and the campus itself is great in a really futuristic way.

Hanga, Art And Design Student


Art and Design Student

I’ve really liked all the experimenting that you get to do on my Art course, taking part in workshops in such a wide range of different techniques and styles. You are able to be a lot more independent here than at high school, but you still get help if you ask for it from the tutors and from the other students as well, it's like a community. I’m progressing on to do a degree in Illustration at Sheffield Hallam University in September. I chose Illustration as it can be very flexible, I might move into illustrating books, or making concept art, in the future.

Evie, Art And Design Student


Art and Design Student

I've really enjoyed my Art course so far, it's such a wide range of stuff we get to do, before coming here I thought that the course would be quite closed off and you’d only be able to certain things but it’s not been like that at all. It’s also very different compared to being at high school, what I didn't really like about school was how everyone had to be a certain way, here at college I feel I can be anyone I want to be.

Caitlin, Art And Design Student


Art and Design Student

My time as an Art student has been a great experience. When I joined I didn’t have that many skills but now I'm in my second year I can see that I’ve developed the skills I wanted to, and I've met a lot of great people. As a whole it's a lovely college with a very nice atmosphere, you always have help if you need it and the facilities are really good. I'm going to university in September to do Marketing with Advertising at Edge Hill, I'm really looking forward to as it's something I didn't expect to be doing at uni. When I first came to college I thought I was going to concentrate on photography but I went to a workshop about advertising which really piqued my interest and now I know what I want to do in the future.

Hannah, Art And Design Student


Art and Design Student

I've really enjoyed my Art course so far, it's such a wide range of stuff we get to do, before coming here I thought that the course would be quite closed off and you’d only be able to certain things but it’s not been like that at all. It’s also very different compared to being at high school, what I didn't really like about school was how everyone had to be a certain way, here at college I feel I can be anyone I want to be.

Lilly-Mae, Beauty Therapy Student


Beauty Therapy Student

I am currently studying the Beauty Therapy Level 2 at West Lancashire College. My teachers Claire and Sam are excellent and they’re extremely very caring towards their students. I will be moving onto Level 3 in September, as well as getting a placement in the industry. My goal is to work on cruise ships, which my course is helping me work towards.

Florence, Carpentry and Joinery Student


Carpentry and Joinery Student

I am a Level 1 Carpentry and Joinery student and I have chosen this course as I have a dream of becoming an Interior Designer, so I want to understand the skills behind the industry. My next steps will be to complete the course and move onto Level 3 Art and Design, to continue achieving my dream.

Carla, Carpentry and Joinery Student


Carpentry and Joinery Student

I am a Carpentry and Joinery Level 2 student at West Lancashire College, where I am learning about the welfare in construction, as well as the principles of building construction. I am thoroughly enjoying the course as it’s fun and something a little bit different for me. My future will consist of going into a full time job where I can put my valuable Carpentry and Joinery skills to the test.

Aron Hartley, Computer Science Lecturer


Computer Science Lecturer

Prior to teaching at West Lancashire College, I obtained my Honours Degree and Masters Degree in computing specialising in Games Programming and Visual Computing. I am a lecturer for the BTEC Level 2 and 3 Computing Course, which utilises my specialisms very well. With plenty of programming units to teach and a game specialised unit, I can plan lessons around my own knowledge and pass these on to learners that want to know more. I want to share my passion for programming and computing with students who aren’t sure about computing and think it to be too technical, but I want to highlight to them that with practice and commitment, it can be engaging and fun.

Ben, Early Years Education Student


Early Years Education Student

I chose West Lancashire College because it offered the course I wanted to take and is my local college. I have gained so much work experience on my programme and I am currently on placement at St Richard’s Primary School, which I love. My tutors are beyond amazing and have been so supportive. After I complete my course, I want to go on to study a BA in Primary Education with QTS.

Daniel, T Level Digital


T Level Digital Student

I chose to study the T Level Digital course as I enjoy working with computer and doing tasks such as programming and digital art. Creating Python programs by using new techniques has been my favourite element. I will be progressing to studying Game Design at Edge Hill University.

Dean - T Level Digital


T Level Digital Student

Choosing the Digital T Level was the ideal option for me as I really want to pursue a job in the IT industry. I have enjoyed all the topics that have been covered so far and the trips that we’ve been offered.

Jack, T Level Digital


T Level Digital Student

I am interested in game design and programming, as well as learning about the other aspects of IT which meant this course was the best choice. I’ve enjoyed the trip choices, the chance to go into a work environment and the course modules.

Jayden, T Level Digital


T Level Digital Student

I've always been interested in computers, so the T Level course seem perfect for me! I’ve really enjoyed the opportunities we’ve been given, such as trips to different Universities and arcades.

Emily, T Level Health


Supporting The Adult Nursing Team Level 3

I chose to study on the T Level Health course as it offers me a lot of exciting experiences and opportunities. The work experience that I’m conducted has definitely been my favourite element. I am hoping to do a Nursing Apprenticeship after my T Level.

Eva, T Level Health


Supporting The Adult Nursing Team Level 3

The course offers me a lot of experiences and I found it to be very interesting. Carol, the course tutor has made the course extremely enjoyable. I’ve loved hearing about her own experience in the nursing industry.

Kiera, T Level Health


Supporting The Adult Nursing Team Level 3

I chose to study on the T Level Health course as it is the ideal route for me to take to become a Nurse. The industry placement has been my favourite element, as it’s given me a lot of opportunity to grow and develop my skills.

Alisha, Health and Social Care Student


Health and Social Care Student

I’ve been enjoying learning about the different diseases, the heart in the anatomy unit, as well as aspects within public health, such as: medicines, different treatment and strategies that the government put into place to help the public. I’d recommend West Lancashire College to all high school students, as I was able to explore different careers as the tutors accommodated my learning in order to suit my interests.

Eleanor, Health and Social Care Student


Health and Social Care Student

I would highly recommend the Health and Social care course at West Lancs to all, as I feel like I’m treated quite differently to how I was during my time at high school. Being here, the teachers respect you as the adult that you are and how independent you are. Within my Level 3 course, I study 25% exam and 75% coursework, as well as the practical side. I also participate in work experience as part of my course, alongside trips and visits.

Ciaran, Engineering


Engineering Level 3

I have an interest in Aerospace Engineering and it is a good area of work for my career. I have enjoyed learning about materials and metal properties, as well as the Maths element.

Mikey, Engineering Student


Engineering Level 3

After enjoying my Engineering course in high school, I decided to continue by studying the Level 3 course at West Lancashire College. I’m really looking forward to visiting Austria in Summer 2024 with my classmates.

Richard, Engineering Student


Engineering Level 3

I chose the Engineering Level 3 course because I have an interest in the industry. The other students on my course are great and the Sellafield job opportunities are amazing.

Ryan, Engineering Student


Engineering Level 3

I chose this course to discover the type of Engineering job that I would like to embark on in the future. The tutors are amazing! I’ve really enjoyed the CAD and materials elements of the course.